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Cryoshape® Patient Leaflet

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The Cryoshape® device is a unique hand-held instrument used in treating Keloid and Hyperthropic Scars. Cryoshape®has been effective in destroying deep tissue by employing an extremely cold probe to cause a thermal effect deep within the scar material and destroy the growth’s cells. In one single session; Cryoshape® can significantly reduce scar volume, while softening and normalizing collagen, bot within and around the scar.

Treatment Procedure

What is Cryoshape®

No sutures are involved and the targeted area is easily anesthetized. Treatment takes from 10 minutes to an hour. Patients can leave their doctor’s office immediately following treatment.

Cryoshape® Vs Contact Cryosurgery

A comparison between the Cryoshape® performances and those of contact cryo-surgery clearly demonstrate the superiority of the Cryoshape® as treating the scar from its roots!

The Cryoshape® is the effective choice to treat Keloids and Hypertrophic Scars, at almost every location on the human body.

In contrast, other treatment options force many treatments over long period of time with modest success rates (pressure therapy and topical applications of silicones, gels and other adhesives), present risk of skin atrophy and scar depression (corticosteroid injections), or extremely high risk of recurrence (surgical excisions).


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